Dressing Gowns

Whether it’s a silky robe you’re after, a fleece dressing gown, a traditional housecoat, bed jacket or a wrap around robe, The Classic Boutique offer a wide range of classic dressing gowns. Our ladies dressing gowns are certainly the cosiest in our range, perfect for keeping you warm on a cold winter’s morning! Snuggle up in front of the fire in one of our traditional house coats and wind down with a nice cup of tea and a book. The silky dressing gowns are an elegant option, ideal for warmer months.

Our ladies nightwear collection also offers bed jackets and bed capes, which are great for adding a little something over your shoulders when you get up in the morning. Designed for comfort, our robes for mature ladies are available in sizes small to extra-large and are fully machine washable for easy care.