WCF Home Shopping Environmental Statement


At WCF Home Shopping we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

WCF Home Shopping sell clothing that is designed and styled to last, co-ordinates well, looks timeless and is of superior quality. We use wherever possible natural resources with minimum waste and impact on the environment. We design in the UK to fit our mature customers’ body shape and make a paper pattern for every size to ensure that our garments are cut for comfort and elegance.  Our in-house technical team check the fit before garments go into production which helps us to make sure that the number of products returned for reason of fit are kept to a minimum. We offer a shortening service and where necessary a repair service to extend the life of a product. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a product lifetime guarantee. 

We forecast our sales prudently to avoid the over production of garments unnecessarily and work with suppliers who will allow us to order only those minimum order quantities that we need. We survey our customers regularly to make sure we are creating what they need and desire from us.  We employ local people ensuring that the commute to work is minimal and, in many cases, walkable.   

We select only the finest of fabrics and yarns for our exclusive designs to ensure that they are durable, luxurious and give our customers a value for money cost per wear.

We promote the benefits of natural fibres throughout our catalogue and website so that we stand in support of initiatives like natural wool week and promote a greater understanding for our customers of the environmental benefits.

We seek to manage our activities to minimise their impact on the environment. We comply with waste packaging regulations and the energy savings opportunity scheme. We review ways to reduce energy and water consumption, minimise the use of  packaging, decrease our emissions and integrate further recyclable and sustainable processes into our supply chains, including the reduction in the use of single-use plastic and materials going to land fill.

Our in-house designs are exclusive to WCF Home Shopping and are the work of our own designer based in Cumbria.  When sourcing the fabrics for our garments we are mindful of our carbon footprint and the miles travelled by the fabric.  We look to source local to the manufacturer and wherever possible use suppliers from the UK and Europe.

We have long standing relationships with a dedicated group of small, trusted supply partners, where we can be confident and have a direct influence on the ethical production, working conditions and quality of the work they undertake for us.   We only use respectable, trusted and well established fabric suppliers that we have worked with for a number of years.   We are working towards producing our own code of conduct for all our suppliers to sign up to.

Our mail order catalogues are printed in the UK using sustainably PEFC and FSC sourced paper.   and printed using water-based inks. Where necessary the polywrap on our catalogues is recyclable film (4 LDPE), but where we can we send catalogues out without film.

Our postal bags are recyclable and reusable for returns, with the number of bag sizes increased to better reflect the size of the order being despatched and thus reduce plastic consumption.

We are striving to ensure that all new garment designs are received into our warehouse in recyclable packaging, whilst also avoiding any unnecessary packaging e.g. swing tickets.

Redundant garment stock is either given away to employees or donated to charity shops or homeless shelters. Were possible we find an alternative use for unused fabric such as making an alternative garment for a future season.

We pledge to continually review our working practises and promote the benefits of quality garment design and manufacture for the greater good of the wider environment. We are fully committed to ensuring employee welfare and human rights are respected both in our own business and throughout our entire supply chain. We fully support the legislation put in place for the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We hope you continue to enjoy the clothing brought to you by WCF Home Shopping for many years to come whilst being confident that you are helping to play your part in mitigating the impact on the environment that cheaper fast fashion is causing.